Preparation of Face Mask from Microalga Chlorella sp. and Its Potential as Antiaging


The mask with natural extracts is more acceptable by consumers at present. The Chlorella sp. is one of the microalgae which contain the antioxidant compound. The research aimed to obtain the best concentration of Chlorella sp. in the manufacturing of masks and to evaluate the sensory, physical properties, chlorophyll a b, carotenoid and its antioxidant compound. Non-factorial Completely Randomized Design with 4 level treatments was used in this study with different concentrations of Chlorella sp. powder whereas MW0 (without chlorella powder), MW1 (0.4% chlorella powder), MW2 (0.5% chlorella powder), MW3 (0.6% chlorella powder), triplicated. The parameter assay was observed for sensory (color, texture, and odor), physical properties (homogeneity, pH, spreadability, drying time), chlorophyll a, b, carotenoid and antioxidant activity. Based on the result of this study shows that the MW3 with 0.6% of chlorella powder was the best treatment with sensory value (8.28, 7.08, 7.37); physical properties (homogenous, 5.3, 7.5 cm, 24-30 minutes), respectively. Meanwhile, chlorophyll a 0.67 mg/L, chlorophyll b 0.89 mg/L, total chlorophyll 1.63 mg/L, carotenoid 0.84 mg/L, the antioxidant activity of Chlorella sp. mask was 246.70 mg/L. Therefore, the present study suggested that the Chlorella sp. mask could be used in cosmeceutical products, and potentially as an antiaging.


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