Nutritional characteristics of sea urchin (Diadema setosum) in Bungus, West Sumatera Province

Sea urchin is a food that has high nutrition for consumption and sale. Utilization of the gonad Diadema setosum as a food ingredient because it has high nutritional value, such as food additives, fermented products, and body health. Sea urchin gonad components consist of amino acids that are beneficial in various fields of health, especially in increasing the immune system. This study aims to obtain the value of the proportion and chemical composition of sea urchins gonad. The research method consisted of two stages, namely: 1) Preparation of sea urchin gonadal flour and 2) Proximate analysis of sea urchins gonad. Parameters observed consisted of morphology, proportion of sea urchins, and proximate sea urchins. The results showed that 7 cm diameter sea urchins had a proportion value of 11.11% shell and 4.44% gonad. The chemical composition of sea urchins gonad is moisture content 74.54%, ash content 17.44% (db), protein content 58.96% (db), fat content 20.31% (db), and carbohydrates 3.30% (db).


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